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What is a BellyChair?

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The BellyChair is unique in its effect on people. In contrast to chairs that allow "moving sitting" (so-called active chairs), the BellyChair forces a very special sitting posture that cannot be achieved with any other chair. You do not really "sit" on the BellyChair, the BellyChair merely supports the body. The upper body is slightly bent in the hollow back &dnash; there is no other way to sit on this chair. The body tries to find a balance – however, a calm sitting position is never achieved on the BellyChair. This means that the back and stomach muscles are constantly under tension.

The BellyChair is not a comfortable chair, but a piece of sports equipment that takes advantage of the fact that you are distracted enough by work to complete your daily training. Many test subjects start to structure their work into different "tasks" and work faster and more concentrated while sitting on the BellyChair. They then use the office chair sessions for the longer, less demanding tasks. Body supported sitting is really something completely different. Only after days and weeks does the training success become apparent as the time spent on the BellyChar becomes longer. This process actually takes longer than our test subjects initially believed (on average 4-7 weeks). Everything in between is an ordeal on 3 wheels – and it looks silly on top of that.

During the first weeks, it is recommended to train with the BellyChair 2 x 30 minutes per day. The reward comes immediately with a very annoying muscle soreness in the lower lumbar region: a sure sign that the back muscles have been successfully activated. The cause is the special posture. On the BellyChair you get this sore muscle as proof that all the goals that Marco Del Curto has set are being met.